Specialized in production and sales of metal and plastic metal parts. Product are mainly used in Office Automation, Motors, ATM machines, Auto parts, Camera, Aircraft, Aviation model, Optical communications, Machinery equipment, Medical apparatus, Electronics, Electronic tools, Lawn Mower and other fields.

In addition to the precision machining, according to the customer requirements can also do gear hobbing, stamping, cold forging, die-casting and various surface treatments such as: chemical nickel, zinc/chromium/silver/gold plating, aluminum anodize coating, electrophoresis, painting, heart treatment, nitriding, phosphate, black oxide, passivation etc.

The dimension processing range: Diameter 0.5~diameter 150mm, length: 0.5mm~200mm; precision up to+/-0.002mm. We manufacture a wide range of products: rivet, high precision motor shaft, worm, gear, medical syringe push rod, air damper, vehicle flow valve, deep hole casing and special requirements of high precision metal parts, can use round bar, pipe and profile material processing. The material can be iron, stainless steel, tool steel, mold steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, such as Nylon, POM, PEEK etc.

There are a variety of high precision inspection equipment’s: CMM, HRC Hardness tester, HV hardness tester, projector, microscope, length detector, surface roughness measuring instrument, salt spray test machine, a variety of thread gages, digital micrometer, height gages, blocks and magnet blocks and other precision instrumentations.

Machining Capabilities from a Variety of Materials

HKDL capability of producing high complexity parts out of a variety of materials including:



Brass/Copper Material

C3602, 3604, C6801

Metal Material

SUS304, SUS303, SUS316, SUS630, PH17-4, SUS416, SUS430, SUS420, SAE4140, GCR15, SAE1020-1070, Maraging 250\M2\ Mold steel D2


AL6061-T6, AL5052, AL7075

HKDL is a Family that works closely together as a team to bring you the best service possible. We assist you from the beginning to the end. We can suggest modifications to your design that will optimize performance while still preserving the design's integrity.