CNC Machining

CNC machining or Computer numerical control is an ever-innovating way of manufacturing accurate and quality materials, such as the rivet, high precision motor shaft, worm, gear, medical syringe pushrod, air damper, vehicle flow valve etc. like we do here in HKDL.

CNC is a delicate form of machining involves the work of high powered computers: a specific costumed computer system is generated for each manufacturing process. The tactic is fed into the computer by a numeral language, called a G code. After our HKDL astute computer has all the information it needs, including input rate, coordination, position, speeds and so on, it streams the data on to the machines. At that moment “the magic happens”; the machines learn how to perform the manufacturing process, and more importantly – how to replicate it, thanks to advanced CNC machining.

Here in HKDL, an enterprise with over 10 years’ experience, we’ve acquired an extensive professional expertise: At present, our  HKDL factory retains more than 200 employees; included 8 professional engineers, 32 experienced QA and QC, and 18 management executives; all ensure we’ll be able to provide the best manufacturing strategy, i.e. CNC.

The CNC machining process here in HKDL has many attributes: Firstly, by establishing a distinct manufacturing process for each material, HKDL guarantees a flawless, already tested and formulated operation, which will ultimately provide manufacturing quality solutions such as CNC.

Secondly, the numerally coded information enables the machines to work automatically without manual guidance. The technological knowledge assures the machines will perform the procedure with great accuracy and precision. Once the procedure is finished, the IT will be safely stored till the next similar project, promising identical impeccable execution.

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